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Excerpt: "Worship is more than the songs we sing at church, in out car, or in our home, its a lifestyle of sacifice!" The queston is can we or are we willing to lay it all down to truly worship God in Spirit and in Truth?


Can A Christian Be Possessed By An Evil Spirit?


It is time for the real truth!. God is opening the veil of His Wisdom to His people. Don't let the title fool you. This book takes om a very vontroversial topic of possession; a taboo word in Christianity.


When you read it, you will realize that this book is not just talking about possession, but how we have been duped by spiritual leaders throughout history by simply twisiting God's Word. Possession is just one on many terms and scripture misinterpreted andnot fulluy understoon in the right context. Because God's Word says, in Hosea 4:8-"For My {eople Suffer for Lack of Knowledge."

Who Is Thy Neighbor?


This profound book takes a real hard look at the heart of Christian soul and the role the church should take in respect to being a good neighbor and a Good Samaritan.

This book is centered around the parable of the Good Samaritan and depicts the life of a fictional character named Jasmine to illustrate how to be a good neighbor to one another.  Read about Jasmine's seasons of change.  See how God moves her from isolation to revelation. Test your own heart and see where it lays.


This is a 206 page power packed book of knowledge you won't want to pass up which includes in the book  study guide for group activity.

A Father's Love


You know the old saying, "When it rains, it pours!" Let me help you out of your storms with my book titled- "A Father's Love." A book of inspiring propheti poetry that will encourage, uplift and quicken your soul. This paperback book has 120 aages illed with oer 60 poems and 15 scriputre to enrih nd enlighen your life. Each poem will renew your mid, uploift your heart, and delight your soul. The question that remains is, "Are you REALLY ready to be blessed?"


Individual CD's

The opposite of of DL Brothers these are women who marry, wear lipstick but have fantasies in their mind.

Individual $5

The heart has a lot of issues and most of us made decisions being led by it. Let's Talk About it!

Individual $5

We hear a lot about sexual sins and misconduct in the pew, but God is looking at the pulpit!

Individual $5

Yes, SEX is happening and a lot of it in the church.

Individual $5

CD Sets

Can God trust to hold water?  Do you have a big mouth? Learn the effects of having loose lips & how to gain some control .

(2) CD SET 

You would be surprised what qualifies as a Eunuch! 

(2) CD SET 

We can overlook the foxes in our attitude, behavior or in our ways. These things are just as deadly!

(2) CD SET

The prophet will have very significant roles in the latter days. See how!

(3) CD SET

Not everyone is who they say they are. Let's talk about it!

(3) CD Set

Welcome to the LOVE ZONE! This is a 13 part series on the aspect of love. Sold as a set.

(12) CD Set

This a 13 part series dealing with a variety of demonic spirits. this is good teaching and study.

(13) CD Set

Music CD

Sheila Kimbrough

Sheila Kimbrough is a new up and coming Prophetic voice to the gospel music industry.  Her first CD "Arise"- is making its way up the charts.

Her CD is available on iTunes, Amazon, & Google Play

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