Three The God Way!

"Where there are two or more gathered in my name...." Matt 18:20

Introducing Our Team

Media Specialist

Outreach Coordinator

Our media specialist works with all types of audio-visual equipment. Depending on the setting, they will determine the use of various multimedia and recording equipment that is needed.  They are also responsible for setting up this equipment.  They will work with conference location to investigate the parameters of the equipment they have and what is need to ensure we can carry forth all presentations, and meetings.

Hospitality Specialist


To warmly welcome and be the first point -of-contact for out guest at any of our event.  She will intentionally lead her team to find ways to serve others and anticipate their needs. She will seek ways to support all guest speakers.

Bruce Ransom Jr.

Legal Counsel

As our legal counsel, he assist with all contracts, dealings, and legal aspects with government taxes and such. 

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