The Donkey!

Don't discount or despise the donkey's. WHY? Because God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound them who think they are wise; God choose the weaker things of this world to shame the strong.

The donkey is a lowly animal. One that most deem as not important. But because of its humbleness, Jesus rode through Jerusalem on it to symbolically demonstrate his own humility and submission to what he was going to do and that's submit HIS life, lay it down, for the sins of this world. He also rode to demonstrate who was at the base of his spiritual authority here on Earth which was His Father in Heaven.

So, don't you ever worry about others and their ridicule of you as being crazy about the way you think and stand on the Word of God. Don't worry how many may see you as weak because you love your enemies, show kindness to those who are less fortunate, don't argue or fight for yourself because they don't understand the power of the donkey and the base of your authority.

The donkey also was rode by Kings, Priest and Prophets. King David, King Solomon, Jesus, and all of the prophets are NEVER seen riding a horse, they are ALWAYS described as riding donkeys.

King David always received bread carried on the backs of donkeys, therefore it should be no surprise to see that when Joseph sent his father Jacob sacks of wheat, they were also placed on the backs of donkeys.

They could have rode a horse. They were not without resource or finances to do so. That means the donkey has to be an important animal and have another meaning and use. In other words: “donkeys” represent: "the base of support by which God’s word reaches the people" either thru his messengers or his written word.

So you see here that the donkey is an authoritative and important position. Man may look at this animal as the least of all animals, but God does not. The nature of the donkey may be one of humility, but humility is powerful in the Kingdom of God. anyone one who Gods elects and fills with power and authority must have a donkey as its base

Overall, The donkey ”symbolizes“ the authority of God’s word. The bases of support for Kings, Priest and Prophets. So keep operating in His Word and standing on it no matter how people will judge your actions as foolish because the bases of their strength comes from a worldly system which is not based on the Word of God.

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